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I'm Sexy independent Pooja Call girl in Kolkata

Hello all dear gentlemen.

I have been providing escort service in Dum Dum , Airport Kolkata  for a long time. Actually, I do this as a side job.

My main occupation is beautician. I am quite well equipped in this regard.

I also counsel many famous and beautiful women.

Let me give you some information about my industry.

When the concepts of beauty and women come together, many fields from cosmetics to hair, from clothes to perfume fill the content of these concepts.

A woman who has an identity for herself at every age, takes care and beauty issues up-to-date in order to reflect this identity.

Every Woman is Beautiful.

Cosmetics and aesthetics add a different beauty to every woman. These two sectors work for women. For the woman to be beautiful;

  • Hair care
  • Skin and nail care
  • Care and attention to clothing
  • Posture and diction
  • Self-confidence and education

There are defining features.

These factors, which will increase the beauty of women, are known by women and women produce solutions in order to take full advantage of these factors.

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