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Hello, my name’s Jessi and I’m a 26-year-old from Kolkata. I’m educated and trained well in the last few years of finishing high school in India I am constantly learning new things from transportation and trade economics civil and common law. I’m currently studying business and art. I’ve recently enrolled in a bachelors degree in human sciences that includes a major incognitive and brain sciences which I’ll begin in July. In addition, I like studying acting, dancing martial arts, horseback riding. I also enjoy playing tennis, surfing, wakeboarding and a myriad of other activities. I’m well traveled and manage my own portfolio of investments I believe that I’m able to hold a decent conversation.) If you’re looking for an hour of uncontrollable excitement, a full evening of exploring the minds and bodies an exuberant European holiday, let’s create unforgettable memories. If you’re seeking an escape from the routine of life I’m brimming with warmth and love and awe, slipping into the role



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